Mission Statement

People's Charity has a two part mission to help local communities while helping the planet. The average American discards 68 lbs of clothing annually. That is 1,325,340,196 lbs for New York State alone and 21,202,400,000 lbs for the U.S. every year! By keeping unwanted clothes out of the trash can we are greatly reducing the amount of material that enters our landfills. We are also turning the unwanted clothes into funding for our local communities. We are asking for your help to increase local support. Simply put, there is no better time to act than now.

Impact Statement

In such trying times as these, the only people we can turn to for help are each other. Nothing is greater than the desire of a community to help its own. People’s Charity is dedicated to becoming an active member of the community by providing for its less fortunate members. Our goal is to differentiate ourselves from other charitable organizations by running a transparent operation that makes the most of its donations. Our plan is to run an “open book” charity wherein all of our operations and accounting system are fully disclosed to the public. This will allow the community and its donors to see where your donations are going. Anyone will be able to review the operating costs of our organization in order to ensure that we are giving the most amount possible to the community’s beneficiaries. A non-profit organization is only effective when it benefits the people that need it most. With your help, we can accomplish that goal. People’s Charity aims to bring back the spirit of giving to our community, one family at a time.