About Us

We are a family based non-profit organization in the name of People's Charity Inc . We started this foundation in effort to help the community and unite it's effort to give back to the less fortunate by the means of donating unwanted used clothing. This is not our primary business, but we did undertsand it was our time to step in and help the communites and people in need. Since September 2011, we have personally donated over $50,000 dollars to various foundation and organization who are already helping local communities.

Please take a small step and help us with our mission.

Our Team
Рисунок1Golubev Mikhail President Peoples Charity non profit organization.

^8499895221407AC6D205DBEC48AA924D02ACA9E7EFB1D2D738^pimgpsh_thumbnail_win_distr Peoples Charity Thrift Store and Donation Center Staff L-R David Campbell, Clerk. Trudy Yazmine, Clerk and Oliver Perez, Manager.

Email: pcthriftstore18@gmail.com

Screenshot_4 Slava Rozenblat DOB. 03-29-1972 Native from Ukraine. American citizen since 2007. Director off local and international Charity projects. Experienced in Nonprofit organization in Ukraine 2005-2007. Finished Law school in 2007. Since 2016 working with People's Charity.

+1-855- 30-2427 ext.215
cel: +1-718-223-3448
Email: srozenblat@peoplescharity.org
Fluent Russian, English

Screenshot_3 Blaginin Aleksandr. DOB. 02.02.1970. Director of marketing and advertisement, web designer of the charitable organization People's Charity

cel: +380970976161
email: al.blaginin@gmail.com
Fluent Russian, German

Screenshot_7 Bogdan Pravdykov.

Screenshot_10 Maksim Kychma. DOB. 26.04.1987 Specialist in client server applications, in operational system windows with a influence in Dephi. Proficient in the following coding languages of programs and technology: Object Pascal, Python, VBA, MsAccess, MsSql, MySql, InterBase, FireBird, JSON, XML, HTML, CSS, FastReport.

Cel: +380508664843
Email; imaxkuchma@gmail.com
Fluent Russian.

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