How it works

Drop off clothing at your closest donation bin.

We have different collection procedures. For outdoors we can place a donation bin, a metal container about 48"L X 48"WX66"H. Inside collecting we would use a commercial laundry bin 48"LX29"WX55"H. We can also schedule pick up of donated clothing, where we would supply a plastic bag and the donated clothing would be left. Outside or in dryway for a scheduled pick up.

We pick it up and take it to our sorting facility

After our drivers pick up the clothing from our designated donation locations, the items are taken to our sorting facility where they are separated into three categories. Ten percent of the clothing is designated as category A which is higher-end pieces that are like-new or only slightly used. These items are sold to second-hand and vintage clothing stores. The remaining 90% are separated into categories B and C. Category B clothing are items that are in used condition but can be resold in thrift stores once they are washed. This comprises approximately 40% of our donations. The remaining clothing, category C, are items that are not able to be resold in thrift stores. These pieces are sold to non-profit organizations overseas for resale in foreign markets.

Charities get clothing. We pay you for the clothes.

Once we are done distributing our donated clothing to their appropriate channels, the proceeds from the sales are distributed in two ways. The first distribution is in the form of donations to local charities and benevolent organizations. The majority of our proceeds from sales are used in this manner. The rest of the proceeds are used for People’s Charity’s operating costs. Some of these costs include our pickup drivers, truck maintenance, and sort facility staff. This allows us to function as an organization and continue to help those who need it most.

Recycling your old clothing is a significant humanitarian act. Peoples Charity works towards simplifying the collection process by providing practical solutions for waste reduction. Peoples Charity is particularly qualified to assure an effort for an outstanding clothing recovery initiative. "If your organization is a church, community center, an educational facility or a fitness center", we can arrange for your clothing drop boxes to be placed in your facility, get the word out about the "clothing collection event; retain the clothing afterwards," and distribute the donations to the proper channels, so minimal amount goes to waste.